A working demo

Ported from xiphoid, changed location of SparQL endpoint for OCDM from xiphoid to synapse. Same as original on xiphoid except queries like "View Class hirararcy" on first page don't work because they contact the Query Integrator. But both top level menu items (OCDM browser 1 and OCDM Browser 2) work because they contact the SparQL endpoint on synapse. Screenshots below show example results from xiphoid that no longer work on the synapse port.

Port of Melissa Clarkson's FMA browser from to synapse. The version on xiphoid accessed the Query Integrator (QI) to query the FMA. We are not currently porting the QI to synapse, so this demo only shows the high level graphics that Melissa created for entry to the browser. FMA Browser 2 is the current active FMA browser. At some point we may incoporate these graphical images into that version. Screenshots below show some of the results from the xiphoid version.