FMA Version Update Log

Major Additions, Modifications, and Deletions Per FMA Release Version

  • FMA v4.2.0
    • In this release we performed a significant clean-up in order to fix a large number of unsatisfiable classes. With this release there are no unsatisfiable classes detected via the ELK EL reasoner.
    • We have augmented human development content, with primary focus on the musculoskeletal system of the head. This includes taxonomic, spatio-structural and developmental representation of cranial bones, muscles, ligaments, joints and cartilages.
  • FMA v4.3.0
    • Added content relating to fetal craniofacial muscles and bones and their associated development properties was incorporated.
    • Updated some of the spatio-structural properties in terms of domain and range assignments, as well as obsoleted properties that were either unused or inappropriately used and properties translated from attributed relationships used in frames (e.g. direct anterior_to, direct_continuous)
  • FMA v4.4.0
    • Performed error and consistency checks on 'part' properties
    • Updated content on fetal craniofacial muscles and pharyngeal arches.
  • FMA v4.4.1
    • Fixed several errors that led to unsatisfiable classes in v4.4.0
  • FMA v4.5.1
    • Augmentations/changes undocumented
  • FMA v4.6.0 (01-11-2017)
    • Updated content on fetal skull bones.
    • Extended parthood relationships for prostate gland in conjunction with DICOM/PI-RADS.
    • Instantiated lateralized versions of neuroanatomical entities in conjunction with TA alignment.