Todd Detwiler

Health Sciences Building, T-170b
Biological Structure
University of Washington
(206) 616-2336
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My current job title is Research Scientist and my background is in computer science where I hold a master's degree from the University of Washington (UW). I work with the UW Structural Informatics Group.

The Structural Informatics Group (SIG) (, in the Department of Biological Structure, is a research group whose focus is on the development of computational methods for representing, managing, visualizing, and sharing information about the physical organization of the human body.

Some Current Projects:



University of Washington Structural Informatics Group, Seattle Washington
Research Scientist

  • Distributed, semantics (ontology) enabled, query-based data integration
  • Develop software to browse, query, augment, audit, or otherwise consume and/or manage ontologies

University of Washington Bio-Medical Data Integration and Analysis Group, Seattle Washington
Research Scientist

  • UII (Uncertainty in Information Integration) project - characterize uncertainty inherent in biomedical data and leverage for the purpose of search result ranking
  • BioMediator - mediated distributed data integration of public bio-molecular data

University of Washington Jonsson Research Group, Seattle Washington
Software Developer

  • Eon distibuted computing project - long time molecular dynamics simulation for computational chemistry