Image Manager


The Digital Anatomist Image Collection Manager is a web-based database and repository for annotated images. Using a standard web browser a registered user can create personal image collections and sub collections, upload individual images or groups of images saved as zip files, upload annotated regions of interest, index the uploaded images by personal and database-wide keywords, edit the image and collection metadata, copy images from other collections, and re-order images in a collection. Collections may be made public, or readable only by specified groups.

Images may be browsed in full mode, in which the image and all metadata are visible, slide mode, which allows online slide shows, and atlas mode, which permits interactive display of annotations as the user clicks on mapped regions within the image.

Users of the system may search for images in all collections they are authorized to read, copy found images to their own collections, and retrieve the
original images to their desktop.

The Image Manager was initially designed and implemented by Rex Jakobovits as part of his Phd thesis. It was later extensively enhanced by Jim Brinkley, Kevin Hinshaw and other computer science students. It is built using the Web Interfacing Repository toolkit developed by Rex Jakobovits, and is one of three repositories we developed using that toolkit. The others are Eye Lab and the Cortical Stimulation Mapping database.