Anatomy Engine Demo


This is a partial port of Trond Nilsen's Anatomy Engine code, which was running at There are several components to the Anatomy Engine demo:
1. Scene Builder
2. Data Visualizer
3. Anatomy Explorer
4. Tutoring related components.

Todd has ported many of these components to synapse, but not all. The main elements not ported (yet) are those which contact saved queries in the Query Integrator (QI) since we are not currently porting the QI to synapse. Todd has replaced some of these queries with direct queries to the FMA SPARQL endpoint, but not all. In particular 1) Query fragments added in the Scene Builder return no results , 2) Data Visualizer queries retrieve no data, and 4) none of the tutoring components are ported. The screenshots below show the Scene Builder working with a query fragment (articulations of the sphenoid bone). The main tool of use in the ported version is the Anatomy Explorer.

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Query-based scene fragment

Sphenoid articulation

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