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Project tag Title Description Project status Services or Applications Demo status
AE Anatomy Engine Create 3-D scenes using an ontology Inactive Anatomy Engine Demo Not working
AnnoteImage AnnoteImage Image Markup Inactive AnnoteImage Demo Not working
Biolucida Biolucida Inactive n/a
BodyGen BodyGen Inactive n/a
BrainBrowser Brain Browser Web Interface Inactive Brain Browser Demo Not working
CELO CELO Inactive CELO Demo Not working
CSMDatabase Cortical Stimulation Mapping Database Inactive CSM Database Demo Not working
DA_Atlases Digital Anatomist Interactive Atlases Inactive DA Atlases Demo Working
DA_Jigsaw Digital Anatomist Jigsaw Puzzle Inactive n/a
DXBrain DXBrain Inactive DXBrain Demo Not working
DXQP DXQP Inactive n/a
DSG Dynamic Scene Generator Inactive DSG Demo Not working
Emily Emily Inactive Emily Demo Not working
EyeLab Eye Lab Inactive Eye Lab Demo Not working
FMB FMA Browser 1 Melissa Clarkson's FMA browser Active FMA Browser 1 Demo Working
FMABrowser FMA Browser 2 Current Preferred FMA Browser Active FMA Browser 2 Demo Working
FME Foundational Model Explorer Server-side FMA browser, accesses out-of-date copy of FMA Inactive FME Demo Not working
FMA Foundational Model of Anatomy Reference ontology of human anatomy Active n/a
GAPP GAPP Inactive n/a
Gleen Gleen Inactive n/a
ImageManager Image Manager Inactive Image Manager Demo Not working
MindSeer MindSeer Inactive MindSeer Demo Not working
NeuroFMA Neuroanatomical Domain of the Foundational Model of Anatomy A component of the FMA Inactive n/a
NeuroDataSharing Neuroimaging Data Sharing Data sharing for neuroimaging Inactive AIM Not working
OCDMBrowser OCDM Browser 1 Melissa Clarkson's OCDM browser Active OCDM Browser 1 Demo Working
OCDM Browser 2 Current Preferred OCDM browser Active OCDM Browser 2 Demo Working
OCDMRelations OCDM Relations Explorer Explore OCDM relations Inactive OCDM Relations Demo Not working
OCDM Ontology of Craniofacial Development and Malformation Representation of craniofacial knowledge Active n/a
OQAFMA OQAFMA Inactive OQAFMA Demo Not working
QI Query Integrator Save and integrate queries over multiple sources Active Query Integrator Demo Not working
QI Query Integrator Save and integrate queries over multiple sources Active vSparQL Service Not working
rLab rLab Inactive n/a
Seedpod Seedpod Inactive SeedPod Demo Not working
Skandha3 Skandha3 Inactive n/a
Skandha4 Skandha4 Inactive n/a
SNOMED_Mappings SNOMED Mappings Reconciling the FMA with SNOMED Inactive n/a
vSPARQL vSPARQL Inactive vSparQL Service Not working
WIRM Web Interfacing Repository Manager Inactive Wirm Console Not working
DA_Who Who Wants to Be a Digital Anatomist? Inactive n/a
WIX WIX Inactive n/a
XBatch XBatch Inactive n/a
XBrain XBrain Inactive n/a